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" Siberian Taiga – the true legend of Russian nature. Here, hundreds miles away from cities, the virgin ecosystem and nature share their natural gifts to local people. The natural power and energy of Taiga - the bright force, absent in big noisy cities, and just have once tried it, we immediately decided to spread it around the Russian cities. Based on this desire, we started company, that will save the natural taste of forest gifts and produce organic products and sweets. The company is situated in Tomsk - oldest town in Siberia and the capital of Siberian Pine Nuts. We gather primary products in pollution-free regions of Taiga and Altai Mountains"

Perfect In Everything.

and that is why:

100% Organic Products

We use and sell only 100% natural products gifted to us by nature

Finest Products quality

We sell only excelent product with finest quality

Worldwide delivery

We will be glad to send your our products, no matter where you are

Produced in Love
and with Love!

We love our customers and what is more important, we love what we do

Best among organic products

Natural. Tasty. Special.
Products by "Territoriya Taigi" - are 100% organic and incredibly tasty. Feel the real power of Siberian Nature. Every pack of our candies contains a bag of natural Herbal Tea.

Excellence in taste

Soft Pine Nut Brittle Covered with Belgian Chocolate
To make our brittle we use true Belgian Chocolate, Sweet Honey and solid Pine Nuts. That is why our candies taste like true Siberian micarle.

Soft Pine Nut Brittles

Pine Nut Truffle

Pine Nut Marzipan

Pince Cone in Natural Chocolate

Pine Nut Collection

Assorted Pine Nut Sweets Collection

Herbal tea

Organic Jam

Hot Pine Drink

Mushroom spices

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